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Topterra Holland

Topterra Holland B. V. is the largest producer of casing for the production of consumption mushrooms.  Annually hundred thousands cubic meters of casing are delivered to many buyers world wide.

Topterra will become Legro

As you probably know, Topterra is part of the Legro Group, a family business in growing media now headed by the fourth generation. While Topterra focuses only on the production and sale of mushroom casing material, Legro produces potting composts and substrates for arboriculture, soft fruit growers and growers of young plants.

At Legro Group we are enthusiastically and ambitiously anticipating the future. Our goal in the coming years is to continue our rapid rate of growth with you, our customer, at our side. This goal requires a strong brand linked to an unambiguous image, recognised both nationally and internationally. This is why, in October, Topterra as a company name will change to Legro while retaining Topterra as the product name.

What will this change mean for you?

Absolutely nothing, excepting the brand name. Even under our new name, we will still be the same personally involved company: one that looks forward to continuing a long, friendly and productive relationship with you. We will make the transition to our new name in a number of steps. The first step in this direction will be a minor change in our logo. Then, in October, the entire Topterra organisation will make the switch to the Legro logo. At that time, we will present a fresh new Legro website at which Topterra will be listed as one of the products.

About the Legro Group

The Legro Group is an internationally operating group of companies that produces, transports and sells it own products. In other words, we manage the entire production process ourselves. We have modern production facilities in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, our own peat fields in the Baltic states, and our own distribution organisation including a fleet of around 40 lorries. Our products are sold through our sales offices in Europe, Australia and the United States. The Legro Group consists of four subsidiaries: Legro Potgrond, Legro Transport, Topterra and Kalloveen.

For more information about us, please visit www.legro.nl or contact your account manager.




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